Just days ago, the brutal commercial slaughter…


Just days ago, the brutal commercial slaughter of baby seals opened off the coast of Newfoundland in what is the largest killing of marine mammals on earth.

What’s happening up in Canada right now is truly horrific. A sealing boat crashes through the ice toward a baby seal. She crawls away as fast as she can; desperately trying to escape, but it’s too late. A sealer catches up, aims a rifle at her, and shoots. But she doesn’t die instantly, so he finishes her off by smashing a club on her head until she dies.

We’ll continue to work around the clock to end the slaughter.


Rebecca Aldworth
Executive Director
Humane Society International/Canada


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The Canadian government wants to train a whole new generation of seal killers

The commercial sealing industry in Atlantic Canada wants to recruit thousands of new sealers and train them to shoot, club, impale – whatever it takes to kill them. These seals suffer in agony, crawling in their own blood, as sealers drag them across the ice and cut them open. All for “fashionable fur.”

The Canadian Sealers Association wants to breathe new life into the dying sealing industry. They want the federal government to lift a decade-long freeze on new commercial sealing licenses so they can recruit and train a whole new generation of baby seal killers.

HSI has reduced Canada’s commercial seal slaughter to a fraction of its former size. While there are still licensed commercial sealers, 90 percent of them decline to participate in the annual hunt because it’s no longer profitable.

Our Protect Seals team has documented countless seal pups dying in agony and used this evidence to persuade numerous countries to ban the products of this cruel slaughter. With demand plummeting and opportunities for trade disappearing, there’s no future in commercial sealing, so why does the government want to continue to waste Canadian tax dollars to subsidize it?

Thank you for standing with us and for caring about animals.


Rebecca Aldworth
Executive Director
Humane Society International/Canada


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It is such a secret place …. the land of tears/by Osyth

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Half Baked In Paradise

At seventeen, in keeping I imagine, with most seventeens I could not wait to be eighteen and proclaim myself adult.  Adult enough to do all the things thus far forbidden even if I was really too timid or scared or plain perplexed to really want to try them.   Nothing would be out of my reach, I would emerge from ugly duck-dom as the rightful swan and I would, clearly discover all the things that the adults before me had failed to find.  I would invent love and sex and I would invent drinking and I would travel to far flung exotic places and I would absorb by osmosis more wisdom than any adult before me – dullards all – could ever hope to.  At seventeen.

At seventeen I bought a book which seemed to wink at me even though it’s cover was pummelled and punished, tired and tawdry in the…

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from the former U.S. President Barack Obama & Michelle Obama



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Our Silences

October, 1985

Where does our power lie and how do we school ourselves to use it in the service of what we believe?

How can we use each other’s differences in our common battles for a livable future?

All of our children are prey. How do we raise them not to prey upon themselves and each other?

And this is why we cannot be silent, because our silences will come to testify against us out of the mouths of our children.

Audre Lorde

A home before death/Sacramento coalition wants to build a hospice for terminally ill homeless people

If it wasn’t for lifelines, we would drown, he said. And you can’t be so paranoid to think that everyone you throw a lifeline to is going to hustle you. Then you’re going to quit throwing lifelines and you’re letting a bunch of innocent people drown.

John Gay


It is believed by some that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken, she said. That is to say that people only die when we forget them. So if we can remember those who have walked on, off of this physical reality and onto a spiritual one, they will remain with us always.

Pastor Joy Johnson 

The greatest of plans have all been subject to change. Joshua’s House will not be exempt. This is a small step in the right direction but, let’s hope for the funding with a host of compassionate and empathetic individuals to assist the remainder of the homeless before a diagnoses of death. 



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SacramentositebannerSN&R Sacramento News & Review

Website: https://www.newsreview.com/sacramento/home


Why is there an answer to this question? / by i’mgoing.home




When I first glanced at the title on the above pamphlet, I wanted to loudly object to the power or responsibility relinquished and giving another excuse to the human not to better the human condition of suffering that ‘we humans’ created and continue to create. It was difficult for me to read the content in it’s entirety and acknowledge a life living under this rule. My judgements began to seed and grow as my thoughts rattled my imagination.

After reading the entire pamphlet, my resentments started to surpass my judgements. Isn’t this the ‘kind of stuff’ (not dreams, but nightmares) Hollywood made horror movies about? I’m rewinding my memory reel and… yes it is. From the ‘breathless’ beginning, through the ‘hold onto your seat’ middle, to the ‘blood is everywhere (not in my popcorn too!?)’ ending! 

one more thing…

Hear This? Who Wants To Live In Fear? Who wants to teach their children how to live in fear?