The Canadian government wants to train a whole new generation of seal killers

The commercial sealing industry in Atlantic Canada wants to recruit thousands of new sealers and train them to shoot, club, impale – whatever it takes to kill them. These seals suffer in agony, crawling in their own blood, as sealers drag them across the ice and cut them open. All for “fashionable fur.”

The Canadian Sealers Association wants to breathe new life into the dying sealing industry. They want the federal government to lift a decade-long freeze on new commercial sealing licenses so they can recruit and train a whole new generation of baby seal killers.

HSI has reduced Canada’s commercial seal slaughter to a fraction of its former size. While there are still licensed commercial sealers, 90 percent of them decline to participate in the annual hunt because it’s no longer profitable.

Our Protect Seals team has documented countless seal pups dying in agony and used this evidence to persuade numerous countries to ban the products of this cruel slaughter. With demand plummeting and opportunities for trade disappearing, there’s no future in commercial sealing, so why does the government want to continue to waste Canadian tax dollars to subsidize it?

Thank you for standing with us and for caring about animals.


Rebecca Aldworth
Executive Director
Humane Society International/Canada


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